Pet Grooming

At Animal Care Center & Pet Resort is more than just a medical facility it is a haven where pets receive exceptional care and their owners experience peace of mind.

Pet Grooming in Joppa, MD

The Pet Resort aspect of the clinic adds an extra layer of luxury to the pet care experience. Designed to be a home away from home for pets, the resort offers comfortable accommodations and a range of activities to keep pets engaged and happy.

Pet Grooming

Animal Care Center & Pet Resort in Joppa, MD, is more than a veterinary clinic it’s a holistic destination for pet care, where expertise, compassion, and a genuine love for animals converge to create an unparalleled experience for both pets and their owner. Animal Care Center & Pet Resort takes a holistic approach to pet care, recognizing that grooming is not just about appearance but also contributes to a pet’s overall health. Regular grooming can prevent issues such as matting, skin infections, and ear problems, promoting a happy and healthy life for pets.

Understanding that grooming is an essential aspect of pet well-being, the clinic employs skilled groomers who are not only experienced but also passionate about making pets look and feel their best. Whether it’s a routine trim, a spa day, or a complete makeover, the grooming team is dedicated to providing top-notch services tailored to each pet’s unique needs.

The clinic’s grooming facilities are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to ensure a stress-free and comfortable experience for pets. From breed-specific cuts to creative styling, the grooming services cover a wide spectrum, accommodating both practical and aesthetic preferences.

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Pet Medicated Baths